International Space Station Assembly and Utilization
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Overview of ISS Assembly
4:00 minutes long

Doing Research on ISS
3:30 minutes long

Astronaut Mike Mullane answers questions about living and working in Space.
4:30 minutes long

Building a Space Station
3:30 minutes long


Using ISS to go to Mars
(NASA concept video)
7:30 minutes long






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SpaceTV! is the Internet’s only regularly produced TV series about space, international cooperation and high technology.

SpaceTV! takes a very broad view of space exploration and international cooperation. SpaceTV! distinguishes itself from general news programming more by its approach to the world's news: it looks at the world through the lenses of space, international cooperation and technology.

SpaceTV! is a monthly Internet streamed magazine program, whose goal is to educate its audience about space. Past episodes are available for viewing via the SpaceTV! website.

SpaceTV! is a fresh, new way of reporting space and technology news for the 00's. Accessible, interesting, friendly, and sometimes irreverent.

SpaceTV! isn't just for "space-cadets." SpaceTV! is aimed at the same broad audience who have an interest in space, science, international cultures, and new technology -- bright, well-educated individuals who may be space novices.



Episode Archive


Each episode consists of:

  • Several topic related segments
  • Interviews with Space insiders and leaders
  • Your Space questions answered
  • Behind the scenes looks at where the action is in space today or will be tomorrow like the Kennedy Space Center and newly forming private launch facilities.
  • Cool demonstrations of space related concepts like "How to build a live model of a comet with things you find laying about the kitchen," or "Building your own Neutral Buoyancy tank in 5 easy steps." Perfect for the classroom or to liven up any party!
  • And many, many other neat things to remind you of why space is exciting!

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